What is the proper way to perform CPR?

What is the proper way to perform CPR?

Once you have checked the scene for safety, checked the victim for responsiveness and there is no response or breathing call 9-1-1 and have someone if present get an AED.  At this time, its important to provide CPR (Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation) place your hands in the center of chest, on the lower half of the breastbone. Begin with 30 compression’s followed by 2 breaths, pushing hard and fast allowing the chest to recoil after each compression.  Continue the cycle until victim shows signs of life, emergency services arrive or you are too exhausted to continue.  The American Heart Association www.heart.org‎ passed the ECC2010 guidelines to ensure high quality CPR.

CPR Classes can be taken throughout the United States. First Lady Permanente, LLC is a AHA Training Center based in California offering many Heartsaver CPR First Aid AED Classes and Healthcare Providers CPR Classes to the Medical and Dental Field of workers. View website for additional information www.firstladypermanente.com classes are offered on a weekly basis and 2-year cards are provided same day. Be prepared and get CPR Certified!

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